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24th-Sep-2010 03:13 pm - User pictures
I was just looking through my user pictures and realized I am in need of new ones, badly! Most of them are from 4 years ago! And a lot are of Kaiden when he was a baby. My goodness it's so strang looking at those pictures.... Where is a good place to do this now? I need links so good communities period..all mine have died. And I need to clean this place us, my goodness! This is going to take forever..lol.

SO, I'm gonna comment on journals and let people know I'm back. Comment here if you wanna stay, other wise I'm gonna cut everyone who isn't interested. It won't hurt my feelings, I will understand. :)
24th-Apr-2010 01:06 am - And a princess is born
Lillian Nevaeh
6 lbs 11oz 19in
Dark curly hair
Beautiful and looks like mommy!
5th-Feb-2009 05:02 pm - Friends Cut in YO FACE! ;)
Friends cut was done. If you wanted to stay and I cut you please leave a comment. I am not adding new friends at the moment but will re-add those who were once on my friendslist.

19th-Nov-2008 03:09 pm - All I want for Christmas...
Hello! This week has passed by so quickly and I've been SO busy. I spend most of my free time learning stuff on Photoshop which, by the way :

Tam, I wasn't really feeling creative when I made this, I'll make something new sometime soon. I promise!

I'm trying to find my creative outlet, and it's taking some time. I've been stuck on Christmas crap because I am so excited for Christmas. I'm already listening to Christmas music and look forward to putting up lights and the tree next week. That same weekend we're going to Opry Land (hopefully) to go see the lights. I think Kaiden will get a kick out of it really.

Kaiden is doing well, smiling and hamming it up for the camera. He finds it so funny which I had no idea why. Then sometimes he can be SO serious, haha. It cracks me up. Yesterday was our 2 month check-up and shots. I was SO nervous and scared. Before we went back a little girl around a year old came in the waiting room screaming and crying from her shots and Kaiden started to cry. The doctor said babies do that, which I thought was funny. We got his height which is now 23 inches (from 21 at 2 weeks and 19 at birth) and 12.6 pounds (8 pounds at 2 weeks and 7.4 at birth). He is getting SO big! He pee'd twice on the scale so that  took some time. The doctor checked him out and he is a healthy little man and then came the dreaded shots. He screamed and cried for about 3 minutes until I got him in my wrap and cuddled him, then he was fine. The nurse gave us a bunch of free formula too, which was AWESOME!

Kaiden is growing so fast, he is a little less dependent now which is good. He'll sleep on the couch and put himself to sleep now which is NEW! I'm still not able to get a lot done since he doesn't nap a lot and if he does any little noise wakes him up. I think he tricks himself into a nap most days. :/

I am doing well, still no period which is concerning me. I'm trying not to think about it. I also have a dry spot on my back where I think I had my epidurel. I dunno if that is normal but it won't go away at all. Grr. I'm also getting lots of headaches and I haven't even started my birth control yet. I may call and make an' appointment for myself to get checked out. Lo and behold if I'm pregnant again. I'll cry and won't know what to do honestly. We can't afford it..and I won't abort it. It will be a fucking mess. 2 babies under a year old? x.x

This past weekend we had dinner at Brian's parents then Saturday we did errands, then to Jeff's families house for his birthday dinner. and went our seperate ways while Brian's parents babysat for us. I had a girls night with Holly and Kristin which was nice just to hang out and have a few drinks. Brian went to UFC with Jeff and the guys for Jeff's birthday. Kaiden was a major hit at Jeff's birthday, everyone held and laughed at him as he smiled and had a great time. I think he spit up on atleast 3 people, haha. Then Sunday we just hung out at the house because Kaiden was in a seriously ill mood and I had NO sleep.

I work extra this week to try and save more money for Brian's Christmas present. It's 332.58 for the Itouch and 2 year protection plan, and I wanna get him a case and a Roadtrip which are 35.99 and 49.99. I guess we will see.

Brisen, Rachel and I went yesterday and put together a bathtub of all sorts of baby stuff (about 100 dollars worth of stuff) for her baby shower. We made lollipops and candies out of spoons and wash clothes! It's cute. They tied up shampoos with wrist rattles and spoons with bows. We got some nice bottles, a awesome blanket, a cute spotted sheet, spoons, toys, lotions, coupons (because she is a coupon NUT), a really nice bottle cleaner, a bath tub, bottle warmer, powder, ear swabs, etc etc. SO much stuff. I can't wait to go!

So this weekend is :
Friday : Dinner at Brian's grandmothers.
Saturday : Dinner at the Catfish house with my Dad and grandparents, then to pick up our 4 generation pictures.
Sunday : Deandra's baby shower.

Woohoo! And I work Friday so wow..yeah. Long week ahead of me! I need to go cook and get ready for work tonight. 

Well I'm blanking and Kaiden is throwing a fit, thanks shots! Here are some pictures.

Is you!Collapse )

16th-Sep-2008 06:13 pm - Holy shit
Just got home, I'm being induced at 4:30 am and my water will be broke between 8-9 am.

Wish us luck!

I feel like vomiting and crying all at once. I hope I can get some sleep tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!
24th-Aug-2008 04:00 pm - Baby nursery!!!
Here is what everyone has been waiting for...

23rd-Jan-2008 01:13 pm - 6 Weeks and 2 Days
This morning I woke up SUPER sick. I was throwing up and couldn't stop and this has been going on for atleast 6 weeks now. Waking up throwing up and getting sick throughout the day on a daily bases. So I called Brian and I could barely talk so he came right now and took me to the hospital. We were there from 9-12:30 and found out we are 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant!!!


Still kinda weird to me, I knew I was getting pudgy and I knew I was pregnant. Everyone 'kept telling me that, and I just felt it but tried to ignore it.  The doctor came in and told us and I bursted into tears. They said I was either pregnant or had Cevic Dysteria. I was so praying for pregnancy and well that is what we got! Yay!

So we both took the entire day off today and get doctor appointments set up and start to figure out things. We've decided to tell everyone except his dad since his birthday is the 31st. He has been wanting us to have a baby for 3 years now and he was just in our work the other night talking about it! He is going to be the most excited and I can't wait to see his reaction.

We're starting up a savings account next week and I've told my boss I will continue working until 6-7 months. Then we have decided that I will get a job at the maternity clothing store in the mall until I can't work anymore, than hopefully I can be a fulltime stay at home mom. We already looked at the prices of childcare and it is 300 a WEEK for newborns and you still have to supply all their diapers, medicine, food, etc. Hell I could NOT work and we would save more money.  So that is our plan.

I'm so excited I can't wipe this smile off my face! I just hope we have a good and safe pregnancy. -Crosses fingers- I don't think I could take a miscarriage at this point.
8th-Dec-2007 11:34 am - Married life
So, I suck at the LJ thing. Not only do I not post, but I haven't found any friends! Haha, I think I need to start looking around. I've joined a lot of communities lately but haven't been much on posting anything.

Christmas is right around the corner and I only have about 5 more presents to buy! 2 Dirty Santa, a game for Brian, a gift card and moms cookware. I feel I really picked out the prime gifts this year, or so I hope anyways. I've spent lots of money and time so lets hope everyone enjoys what I bought them!

How is everyone doing and how have the holidays been for you?

Brian and I met a new family for Thanksgiving (Mom's boyfriends family) which was great! We had a lot of fun giving thanks with new people and enjoying a wonderful meal learning and talking about everyone. It's refreshing to know so many great families to spend the holidays with.

We're throwing a Dirty Santa party this friday which I think will be lots of fun! I'm cooking dinner for our guests before the game which will be lots of fun. I just hope I can get around to all of it considering I work until 4 and the party starts at 7! PHEW! I will be a very worn out but it will be well worth it. I love being able to celebrate this way with all our friends so I can't wait!

Well, other than that we've been very busy. Our lease with our roommates is up the 8th of March so we're trying to pay off all our debt to get into a house. Glad mine is a very lot debt but Brian's will take some time. But we're working hard and hopefully we'll either be renting or owning a new house. I'm sick of this apartment living, it isn't any fun! Married life has been great, insane we've already been married a month and I giggle everytime someone messes up my new last name. It's annoying to Brian but funny to me.

So yeah, hope everyone is great and hope to hear some great holiday stories from some of you soon!
8th-Nov-2007 10:55 pm - Wedding update!!!!

Wedding picturessss!

3rd-Nov-2007 10:07 am(no subject)

Well, I never use this thing. I think it is my lack of time and effort lately, but I've spent all my energy and time on our wedding!!!

I am now a Gillespie, which is great! I've waited for this day for so long and now it is a dream come true. Our wedding was so amazing and I had more fun than ever before. People were saying how much they enjoyed our wedding and that it was the funnest they had ever attended. I believe because it wasn't serious at all.

We had so many problems with was unreal and had to do it without rehersal. But I think we all winged it great and my brother walked me down the isle. He kissed my cheek before lifting the veil which gave everyone a good giggle. Everything was great, Cowan did a amazing job playing as our priest and Brian and I's vows made people laugh and cry. Beautiful.

We had Mikey do pictures so I don't have any yet. A few people have mailed me some but I want to wait. I was so impressed with my dress and all our wedding partys outfits. Everyone cleans up rather nice and I was super amazed. And the costumes turned out funny and fun too!!!

The reception we had a keg, TONS of hunchpunch and food. Dorris' cakes were so amazing to the point I didn't want to cut ours. She made it how I wanted and added cake glitter and rose petals, looked prettier than the picture I snagged from someone!!

All in all I had a blast, we all did, and we got some pretty good stuff for presents as well! I'm happy to be married now. I catch myself staring at Brian's ring a lot, I think because it's something new. He's never wore rings before and said he'd never wear another (except for his Dad ring I told him he will be getting in the future..ya know..when he becomes a dad haha). 

Well, gonna run! I'll put up pictures soon for communities and stuff, hopefully tomorrow night. Then I will be trying to fix things around here and get back into LJing like I've been wanting to.

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